Heartfelt, natural and timeless photography.


I adore documenting the early days. It's such a special time and oh how fast they grow! I want to capture all the little details and create photographs for you to cherish for a lifetime.


What a fantastic age, full of personality! This is such a great time for natural shots. I love photographing them as their true self and capturing your special bond as you interact with each other.


Mothers, how magical you are! This moment in time when life is growing within you, is one that deserves to be celebrated, you deserve to be celebrated!

Capturing memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Meet Marianne Sophia

"These little people are our world and so it only makes sense that we want to celebrate them, cherish them and hold onto them. My heart is in photography because it is such a wonderful way to capture these precious moments, to look back in the years to come and remember all of the little details. It's so special to me to be able to photograph you and your little loves just as you are at this moment in time."

Meet the photographer


“We had a photo shoot with our 1 year old, and Marianne was brilliant. She was really relaxed and helped us to feel at ease, and was patient with getting good shots of the baby when he was more interested in the trees! When we got the photos back they were fantastic, a lovely mix of our baby on his own and us as a family and everyone we've given them to has said how nice the pictures are.”

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