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Your story captured

Your story captured

This is all about you. Your story, your motherhood journey, your little baby, your intimate family moments and I can't wait to document it for you.

It's such a special time in your life whilst your children are little and I always feel very privileged to be invited into your world to capture these sacred moments.

Photography is a beautiful art, because it's a reflection of you and your little loves, as you are in this moment, for you to hold onto forever.

Sessions that I offer
Sessions that I offer


My photography style is very relaxed. It's about documenting you in this moment with your family just as you are. Don't worry about 'perfectly' behaved children or all of you sitting, smiling and looking at the camera. I want to capture the essence of who you are, who they are and how you are together.

I offer in studio sessions and outdoor sessions, so it's worth thinking about the kind of photographs you are after. It might be a golden hour shoot outside with your children, or an intimate indoor shoot with your newborn, we can do either! A relaxed family shoot in the woods, a maternity shoot surrounded by nature, whatever you'd feel comfortable with,

That's a key word, comfortable, I want you to feel comfortable. Don't let the idea of a photoshoot put you off, it's all very relaxed, and i'm very friendly! I'm a mother myself too, so I know what a vulnerable yet special time this is in your life.

"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." -  Jon Kabat-Zinn

Meet Marianne

The photographer

Hi, I'm Marianne, lovely to meet you. I'm a Nottingham based family photographer and also the mother of two wonderful children, who will always be my greatest achievement. Every day I feel so lucky to be their mummy!

My love for photography began at a young age. Growing up I was always looking through photo albums from my early childhood and family holidays. Spending time together was something I never took this for granted, I always cherished moments, I'm definitely a sentimental person.

I believe that there is nothing else as special to photograph than our little ones. There is nothing quite like documenting their little ways, all their little details and these precious moments that we have with them. It was when I first became a mum I knew that this was what I wanted to do.


“We had a photo shoot with our 1 year old, and Marianne was brilliant. She was really relaxed and helped us to feel at ease, and was patient with getting good shots of the baby when he was more interested in the trees! When we got the photos back they were fantastic, a lovely mix of our baby on his own and us as a family and everyone we've given them to has said how nice the pictures are.”

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