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It means so much to me to be able to document your story, your motherhood journey, your family and your little loves. I always feel very privileged to be invited into your world, to capture these special moments for you. Photography is a beautiful art, because it reflects who you are, it is your story, your little beautiful family and it's an absolute honour to capture this for you.

"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." -  Jon Kabat-Zinn

The photographer

Meet Marianne

Hi, I'm Marianne, lovely to meet you. I'm a Nottingham based family photographer and also the mother of two wonderful little girls, who carry my heart around with them. Every day I feel so lucky to be their mummy.

My love for photography began at a young age. Growing up I was always looking through photo albums from my early childhood and family holidays. Making memories by spending time together has always felt so special to me and I never take this for granted. I'd definitely say that i'm a sentimental person and photography has always been something I gravitated towards.

When I first became a mum, photography came back into the forefront of my creative interests. To me there was nothing else as special to photograph than our little ones. There is nothing quite like documenting their little ways, all their little details and these precious moments. This is when I knew that this is what I wanted to do and my love for newborn and family photography grew.

What is happening in your life and what special moments do you want to document? Ultimately i'll be led by what is important to you. Here are some of the sessions I offer:

Sessions i offer


This is all about the mama to be in all her glory. Documenting your motherhood journey, the incredible growing that you and baby have been doing during this special time. To take a moment to recognise and capture the life creating work that you have been doing. Many people find that they like to document this time in their life so that they can look back and see the amazing way their body adjusted, or simply just remember how they carried their baby.


This is all about capturing you and your little loves just as you are. You with your babies, what could be more special? I like to focus on the little details and the bond between you in a very organic way. This session isn't too posed, so there is no pressure for 'perfect behaviour'. I am documenting you and your little ones as they are. I'm also happy for you to suggest if there is anything in particular you would like photographing to remember from this part of your life, whether that be breast feeding, bottle feeding, rocking them, anything else that is special to you.

Sessions I offer

Newborn / Baby

This is all about the little details, to capture and remember them as they are now and your growing family unit, what a special time to document. My newborn sessions are very relaxed, your baby and natural light, photographed just as they are. Of course your'e welcome to get some photos with yourself and siblings too.


This is all about you and your crew. I always feel very honoured when I am photographing families, to be given a glimpse into the special relationships you have with each other. I get to photograph a moment in time, capturing who all of you are together at this stage of your lives. I love to capture the different dynamics and relationships you have together and individually with your children. My shoots are always very relaxed and natural, this is a great way to get some lovely photos for your home.

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“The photos we got from Marianne were exceptional. Having these stunning photos is such a beautiful way to capture this moment in our lives, and we will treasure them forever.

Mariannes manner was lovely, she gave good direction but also let the shoot feel natural, and the whole process was relaxing and fun.

Highly recommend!”

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